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Place it in your shower and let it dissolve, the steamer will release the rich aroma allowing you to benefit from which ever type you decide to use.

Oils carefully selected and blended to help you combat specific negatives and help you achieve your desired result.

SLEEP – lavender patchouli
DE STRESS – ylang ylang, neroli & petigrain
MENTAL BOOST – rosemary, patchouli & lemon
ENERGY – lemon, orange & grapefruit
ANXIETY – rose & vetiver
SINUS – peppermint, eucalyptus & menthol
RELAX – lavender & orange
SENSUAL – ylang ylang geranium clary sage neroli sandalwood

Select by using the drop down menu.

Will last approx 1 – 2 showers depending on duration.

Contains: Bicarbonate of Soda, Citric Acid, Essential Oils, (Menthol in Sinus Steamer), Mica

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Shower Steamers

Anxiety, Chill, De- Stress, Energy, Mental Boost, Sensual, Sinus, Sleep


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