About Us

The name Heiðrún is taken from a goat in Norse Mythology, She consumes the foliage from the tree Læraðr and produces mead for those who have died in battle and have been brought to Valhalla.


My mother Esther started making soap 6 years ago initially as a hobby and a way to use the excess milk from her small herd of goats in a productive manner. Over the course of her first year of making she developed 3 recipes Goats Milk & Blackcurrant seed oil soap, Goats Milk & Argan oil soap and Goats Milk & Marula oil Soap. She would sell her soap at craft gatherings, car boot sales and wherever a free sales table was available. As popularity for the soaps grew and through hard work and determination she expanded and opened a store in The Shetland Islands called ‘Love from Shetland’.

My mother wanted her soaps to really benefit and help people, especially those with sensitive skin that avoided using soaps and other cosmetics for fear of irritation. She wanted to promote the use of `Goats Milk in soaps and make people aware of the benefits that it has to the skin.

In Partnership we created Heidrun Cosmetics LTD based in the Orkney islands in April 2019. We use my mother’s own original recipes which have passed rigorous E.U Assessment to create and sell our now extensive range of soaps and cosmetics. Our products are all handcrafted in the in Orkney and are packaged to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We hope our customers will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy creating them!

All the best 

Eddie Rankin

Managing Director  


Stromness Harbour, Orkney Islands