Paraffin Wax Vs Soy Wax

By Rae-Anne Simpson – Heidrun Alness

Do you ever find that your candles are burning far too quickly for your liking? Or your head is too after having your candle on for too long?

This is because the products you’re burning contain paraffin wax. Without even realizing it, you may be burning paraffin throughout your home while exposing yourself to the health hazards associated with it. To avoid this you should use products containing soy wax instead.

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A few benefits of using soy wax products rather than paraffin wax products are that when burning a soy product you are clean-burning, soy wax doesn’t release toxins or irritants into the air, unlike paraffin. Paraffin wax releases toxic chemicals like toluene and benzene and when burned releases petrol-carbon soot that leaves oily black marks on your walls. Avoid all that by using soy wax!

Toluene can cause irritated eyes, nose, and throat, dry or cracked skin; headache, dizziness, feeling of being drunk and confusion and anxiety. On top of that, the possible short term effects of burning benzene include drowsiness, dizziness, headaches and confusion. These are two examples of the many harmful effects of paraffin wax. 

While there are several different factors that will affect a candle’s burn time (wick size, additives in the wax, size of the candle, melting temperature of the wax, etc…) the type of wax you are using will affect your burn time as well. Soy wax is denser than paraffin wax, therefore requires more heat and will take longer to burn. This allows you to get more burn time with your money. 

Soy wax spills clean up simply with soap and water while paraffin wax spills are very time consuming and extremely difficult to completely clean up if at all. Paraffin leaves wax stains if spilt which can be a hassle to remove or cover up, but with soy, you can simply remove all traces of a spill with warm water and a cloth, something everybody owns at home. 

Many people think that burning a paraffin wax candle is pretty harmless and won’t impact the environment or their health. However, this is so false! And hopefully, after reading this blog you agree too. Heidrun Cosmetics sells an array of different 100% soy wax products that will have your house smelling fantastic, containing no paraffin. 

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