Goats Milk & Marula Oil Soap

Marula Oil Skin Care Soap

Living in Scotland, especially in the cold winters, our skin tends to become dull and
very dry. Many popular soaps and moisturisers contain chemicals and irritating
ingredients which can sometimes result in your skin becoming worse. Here at
Heidrun, we think it is important we provide our customers with natural, extremely
nourishing soap that will give your skin maximum benefits.

Marula Oil is extracted from the kernels of the fruits of the Marula tree (Sclerocarya Birrea), indigenous to the Miombo Woodlands of Southern Africa.

Goats milk products tend to be gentler on the skin as it has a very similar PH to that
of the human skin. There have been a number of medical studies showing that skin
products containing Vitamin A (present in Goats milk) reduce lines and wrinkles,
control acne and provide some relief for Eczema and Psoriasis. Our high-quality
goats milk is locally sourced from a friendly tribe of goats on the island of Shapinsay.
We have a range of natural goat’s milk soaps available, one being our ‘Goats Milk
and Marula Oil Soap’. This soap is from our skin care range and benefits the skin in
many ways. Marula Oil is high in antioxidants, essential fatty acids and amino acids.
It is a well-known ingredient for being used in skin care products and is especially
helpful for those with oily, acne-prone, dry and aging skin. When used on the skin,
the antioxidants, moisture-locking and anti-inflammatory compounds act together to
fight free radicals which are responsible for blemishes, wrinkling, dark spots, fine
lines and loose, saggy skin. The omega-9s and other fatty acids that are also
present assist this whole process by promoting collagen formation and skin
regeneration. The most common skin disorders characterised by redness, dryness,
itching, cracking etc are Eczema or Psoriasis. The contents of Marula Oil make it an
excellent topical treatment to manage the symptoms of Eczema and other skin

Goats Milk & Marula Oil Soap.

As Marula Oil is lightweight, it absorbs easily which makes it an effective moisturiser
aging skin. It can be beneficial for smoothing and softening fine lines, preventing
stretch marks and keeping the skin hydrated and well-nourished. It also contains four
times the amount of Vitamin C contained in oranges and 60% more antioxidants than
many other all-natural oils. Its ability to penetrate deep into the thickest layers of skin
offers an enhancement in complexion whilst also making the skin firmer.

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